News from where?

Where to get your news

Obviously our sister blogs like HermannView and Beyond the Barricade (Maryland News Blog)

These are divided by days of use, rather than otherwise.

Reddit (I get a lot of my news from here, especially r/classstruggle, r/marxism, r/communism, r/occupy, r/socialism, r/occupywallstreet, r/radical, r/chomsky, r/iwww, r/torrents and for kicks r/Conspiratard)

– Yes, my twitter feed (@burkelyh) I follow a lotta occupy accounts and stuff about social justice

– My tumblr feed ( in which I follow a lot of social justice accounts, mainly on the left (there a few from the right)

The Real News Network

Democracy Now!

Occupy Wall (Domain Created by Adbusters)

UK Indymedia

The National Security Archive

IndyMedia Int’l

IndyMedia Ireland

Northern UK Indymedia

Boston Indymedia


Peace News

Aotearoa Independent Media Centre

UK Green Party

Cannabis Law Reform (UK)

Pirate Party UK

The Peace Party (UK)

The Respect Party (UK, Socialist)

Scottish Greens

Socialist Labour Party

Communist Party of Britain

Peace and Progress Party

Socialist Equality Party

Our Wal-Mart

Making Change at Wal-Mart

Who Rules America?

Thomas Dye

Red Pepper (just started looking at this one, a mix of feminism, libertarianism and other views from the left)

Wired Magazine

The Independent

Torrent Freak

The Guardian


CounterPunch (really good analysis of issues and very hard-hitting)

The Hill

Gallup News

Al Jazeera (especially the opinion pieces) (read stuff about the occupy movement and struggles against inequality)

The Socialist (this comes out monthly, but is pretty good. Published by the Socialist Party USA)

People’s World (connected to the Communist Party USA, good at times, but can be pro-Obama and pro-Democrat, so watch out for that)

Against the Current

Quebec Indymedia

Puerto Rico Indymedia (in Spanish)

Mexico Indymedia (in Spanish)

NYC Indymedia

Philadelphia Indymedia

IndyBay (San Francisco)

IndyMedia US

Atlanta IMC

International Times

Sydney IndyMedia

Red Star (UK)

Wednesday- Occupy Day and more
Occupied Chicago Tribune

D.C. Mic Check

Portland Occupier

Occupied Detroit Free Press

The Occupied Times of London

Indypendent Reader

San Francisco Bay View Newspaper


Occupy Together

DC Indy Media

Occupy Sandy


Occupy Wall Street

Occupy the SEC

Occupy Our Homes

Occupy Monsanto (Original, allies: Occupy Monsanto 360 and Millions Against Monsanto.

Occupy Design

Occupy AIPAC

Tar Sands Blockade

Occupy Baltimore (close activist center)

Occupy DC (weekly updates)

*The Occupied Wall Street Journal and Occupy Oakland Tribune seem to be updated monthly. The Brooklyn Occupant seems to be mun for now, but who knows.


National Institute of Money in State Politics

Thursday-Independent Alternative Media Day

Los Angeles Free Press

LA IndyMedia

International Middle East Media Center


ACTivist Magazine

Viz Comics


Raw Story

Advocate (Gay Magazine)

Web Surveillance Blog

Jacobin (magazine)

Search Engine Land

TPP Digest


The Hacker News

TSA News Blog

Black Agenda Report

News Dissector

Washington Independent

Democratic Underground

Systematic Capital

Torrent Freak

Washington’s Blog

Bretton Woods Project

Zero Hedge


972 Magazine

Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle

Food Politics


Wired Magazine’s “Danger Room”

Wired Magazine’s “Threat Level”

Wired Magazine Opinion


Consortium News


Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Global Research

Green Pirate

Information Clearinghouse

Dissident Voice

Natural Society


Nation of Change

Z Magazine

Religion News

Waging Nonviolence

BitTorrent Forum



IPS News

Open Secrets

High Times

Ars Technica

Electronic Intifada

Mother Earth News

Too Much




Fars News

Color Lines

Dissident Magazine


Seattle IndyMedia

Madrid IndyMedia (in Spanish)

Netherlands IndyMedia (in Dutch)

IndyMedia Portugal (in Portuguese)

Russia IndyMedia (in Russian)

Columbus IndyMedia

Citizen Radio

Open Congress

Fight Back! News

Naked Capitalism


Friday- People day

Michael Iskoff

Noam Chomsky

Eric Foner

David DeGraw

Richard Wolff

Lawrence Rosen

Jorge Cortell

Stephan Kinsella

Copyriot by Rasmus Fleischer (translate into English)

Gar Alperovitz

Juan Cole

Naomi Klein

Bill McKibben

Naomi Wolf

David Swanson

Oliver Stone

Richard Stallman

Heather Marsh

Ralph Nader

Cornel West

Glenn Greenwald

Chris Hedges

Richard Behar

Barbara Ehrenreich

Jonathan Zittrain

Seymour Hersh

Stephen Mayne

Alexey Navalny

John Pilger

Jeffrey Robinson

Morgan Spurlock

Gary Weiss

Greg Palast

Lawrence Lessig

Eugene Robinson

Matt Taibbi

Quinn Norton

Cory Doctorow

George Monibot

Savage Love by Dan Savage

Richard Seymour

Mark Hosenball

Tracy McVeigh

Zhu Ruifeng

Miles O’Brien

Wayne Barrett

Ishmael Reed

David Smith

Max Blumenthal

Jacob Remes


Sarcastic Drone

Penny Red

Saturday- Baltimore/MD day


Maryland Independent

Ocean Pines Independent

Washington Blade

Baltimore Chronicle and Sentinel

Faith in Action

Marylanders for Immigrant Rights

GMO Free Maryland

Good Jobs Better Baltimore

Another BDC Is Possible

Casa De Maryland

LiUNA Mid-Atlantic (a growing labor union)

IWW Branch in Baltimore

Get Money out of politics (maryland)

Moonroot colllective

Baltimore Bike Shop (collectively-owned)

Baltimore Art and Justice Project

Follow Your Dreams

Open Space Baltimore

Crisfield Somset County Times

Towson Patch

Rockville Patch

Columbia Patch

Crofton Patch

Bowie Patch

Catonsville Patch

Pikesville Patch

Parkville Patch

Wheaton Patch

Montgomery Village Patch

Annapolis Patch

Odenton Patch

North Balt. Patch

Laurel Patch

Westminster Patch

Ellicott City Patch

Glen Bernie Patch

Gaithersburg Patch

Potomac Patch

Kensington Patch

Hyattsville Patch

Colesville Patch

Aberdeen Patch

Bethesda Patch

Havre de Grace Patch

Timonium Patch

Columbia Patch

Dundalk Patch

Elkridge Patch

Severna Park

Edgewater Patch

Upper Malboro

Broadneck Patch

Silver Spring Patch

Perry Hall Patch

Arbutus Patch

Hunt Valley Patch

Riverdale Park

Belair Patch

Lower Eastern Shore News

Maryland On My Mind

The Pocamoke Public Eye

Delmarva history

SBY News

MD Libertarian (for a differing view, even though libertarianism is not really always my cup of tea)

Normals Bookstore (collectively-owned)

Book Thing of Baltimore

Hollaback Baltimore

Red Room (radical ideas and more)

Beat Bots

Jonah House

Maryland Citizens Against State Executions

Chesapeake Bay News

Washington Post- Maryland Politics

Mobtown Shank

What Weekly

Words on the Street

Bethesda Now

Sunday- ACTIVIST Places
World Peace Council

Free Software Foundation

South Centre

Non-Aligned Movement

Pesticide Action Network

Truth Wins Out (against gay discrimination)

United American Indians of New England (UAINE)

American Indian Movement (AIM)

Press releases of AIM

United League of Sovereign Nations

International Indian Treaty Council

Root Strikers

American Foundation of Equal Rights

Answer Coalition

Courage Campaign

Palestinian Center for Human Rights


Earth First! Newswire

IAC Center

Free Press

Democratic Socialists of America

US Uncut

Organizing Upgrade

National Popular Vote




Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA)
Hindu American Foundation

Council on American-Islamic Relations

Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

Islamic Society of North America

Sikh Council on Religion and Education

Chiefs of Ontario

Blue Water Baltimore

Coalition of Immokee Workers

Family Against Mandatory Minimums

War Resisters League Int’l

Campus Activism

War Resisters League and

World Can’t Wait

Roots Action

Demand Progress! (fight for Internet Freedom)

Amnesty International

Socialist Party USA

Public Banking Institute

Privacy International

Mecca for Peace

Center for Biological Diversity

Bread for the World

Organic Consumers Association

Against Nuclear Weapons

Brady Campaign

Environmental Working Group

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Beyond Nuclear

National Nurses United



NIRS (Nuclear News)

National Whistleblowers Center


Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

End the Occupation

Public Knowledge

Veterans for Peace

Earth Justice

Peace Action West

UU World

Grand Jury Resistance

Jubilee Debt Campaign in UK

Jubilee USA campaign


Focus Web

No Political Repression


Slut Walk

National Organization of Women

Mexican American Group

Bahrain Council on Human Rights

ILWU (Longshormen’s Union)

Transparency Int’l

Stop FBI

Constitution Campaign

Accord Alliance

Intersex Society of North America

Intersex network (int’l)

Advocates for informed choice

HIAW: Where to Go

Other stuff
History is a Weapon Links

Other stuff
The Real Size of the Bailout (only 1/14 was paid back)

Drug War Website

problems with e. warren

National Pentagon Radio (NPR)

Difference between Netanyahu and Colin Powell

how to prevent a cold flu season

Mainstreet Vegan

comparing zise of anti-Muslim film riots and Arab Spring protests

Third World Traveler

If you got this far, congrats to you.
– Burkely

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