Livetweeting Dem gubernatorial debate and more

3 Jun

Editor’s note: This has been reposted from Beyond the Barricade UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE because of this and this. The title has been changed as well. I’ll try to embed all the tweets as needed soon enough.

Tonight I decided to watch the Democratic gubernatorial debate just because. I haven’t been following the race close because I really don’t want to vote for either one of the business parties (Democrats or Republicans). Still, I watched the debate, which some say is the last debate (I thought there was another via radio?) anyway. Seemingly Brown and Gansler would be supported by the business community (probably more Brown than Gansler) and Mizeur would scare the fuck out of this community as a sorta populist but would benefit certain sectors as well (see my previous posts about Mizeur here, here, and here)

The livetweeting (which was ok but could be better) I did is as follows:

(I meant Brown. Oops)

(in MD)

(on the first day you get in office)

(similar idea of a tax break for manufacturers nationwide has been proposed by Obama…)

closing statements:

Tweeting of the debate done by others

(on marijuana legalization)


Reactions during and after to the debate:

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