Any excuse will serve a tyrant: Facebook’s authoritarian censorship

25 Jun

In light of the recent revelations of the PRISM program by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, it is important to highlight the censorship of one of the biggest internet giants, Facebook. Luckily, I have already left this site, which I believe, like AR is really just a mental hospital we are all patients in and has massive surveillance. Here’s some recent news about their censorship.

With the news of protests in Turkey, there has been instances of censorship by Facebook. Adbusters recently wrote:

“A global call for #OccupyGezi solidarity protests went live earlier today. The event page on Facebook gained 5,000 attendees in its first hour. We’ve been hearing reports since this morning that Gezi park protest event pages and related posts are being taken down by Facebook. Activists from around the world have told us that their messages and even accounts were deleted. We have the proof. The following page has been removed. Translated into ten languages, all that remains is this screen capture.”

Richard Stallman, the “father” of the free software movement notes the following:

Facebook blocked links to the humor site lamebook which Facebook is trying to crush…Facebook deleted a statement by a human rights group, then said that was a mistake. That Facebook invited the group to post the statement again — instead of undoing the deletion — demonstrates arrogance. However, the problem here goes deeper. It is not good for human rights groups (or anyone’s) statements to be posted using a platform where statements are censored. Facebook censorship guidelines have been leaked. They include political censorship catering to various countries that do not respect freedom of speech. Facebook has censored political satire aimed at the UK unemployment agency and its associated organizations, apparantly at the request of a target of the satire…Facebook has mysteriously closed several pages of anti-budget-cut activists in the UK.”

But this isn’t all. In 2012, parts of a censorship list were leaked and they include:

“A secret list curated by social network giant Facebook was published online recently after an employee for one of the company’s third-world contractors, upset at his poor working conditions and meager wage, decided to fight back. The document reveals exactly what Facebook’s censorship brigade looks for on the social network, which boasts over 850 million users spanning the globe. Referred to internally as the “bible,” the list prioritizes deletion of materials pertaining to Holocaust denial, graphic nudity, depictions of any sexual fetish, racial slurs and bullying — all of which are unsurprising — but a few of the other entries are raising eyebrows. Namely, female nipples or even the impressions of nipples under clothing are unacceptable to Facebook censors, whereas male nipples are fine. Images of breast feeding, too, are forbidden if they show an exposed nipple. “Crushed heads” and mutilated limbs are also fine, so long as the person posting such images does not express delight and no internal organs are visible. The list specifically says that on this point, no exceptions would be made for news media. Also verboten: images of bodily fluids, including ear wax and pus; dead animals; advocacy of violence; advocacy of eating disorders; racial jokes where “the humor is not evident”; and “any photoshopped images of people, whether negative, positive or neutral”; “pixelated or black-barred content showing nudity or sexual activity”; “digital/cartoon nudity”; and images of drunk or sleeping people with “things drawn on their faces.” All that aside, images depicting marijuana use are fine, unless an individual appears to be growing, buying or selling the drug. “Art nudity” is okay, and so are videos of schoolyard fights — unless the video was posted with the intent to humiliate another user…Facebook has long been criticized by free speech activists for barring images of breast feeding and deleting accounts created by Palestinian resistance groups, but since it is a private company, Facebook is allowed to obstruct virtually any content it wishes.”

Also note these things as well:

All I can say is that Facebook is not only as Julian Assange put it, the biggest spying machine ever created but it is the biggest “digital dictatorship” which participates in digital imperialism (selling and giving your private information to advertisers and the intelligence community which shares it with private companies) and is inherently undemocratic like every tech giant. That is all.

3 Responses to “Any excuse will serve a tyrant: Facebook’s authoritarian censorship”

  1. interestingblogger July 13, 2013 at 12:32 am #

    Yeah, I’ve heard about that. Facebook is almost like a country that is a authoritarian dictatorship.


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