Columbus and Indian Genocide, and more!

9 Oct

My second group of daily headlines! Enjoy.

– Democracy Now!: On Columbus Day, Indigenous Urge Celebration of Native Culture & Teaching of the Americas’ Genocide.
My dad told me about this, so I checked it out. Its apretty good broadcast by Amy Goodman.

– Democracy Now!: Huge protest at Foxconn factory in China when IPhones, ITouches made, 4,000 participate:

– CounterPunch: Comparing the Jim Crow laws of the south to the oppressive nature Palestinians face in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (

– CounterPunch: Disappearance of Public Intellectuals and “Economic Darwinism” in American Society (

– Zero Hedge: Anti-Austerity protests in South Africa numbering 12,000 or more:

– Truthdig: Chris Hedges, activist and writer speaks on the anniversary of the Afghanistan War, why it has “maimed” us:

– 972 Magazine: How much does it cost to create a scare campaign about Iran? This independent newspaper found out:

– Food Politics: Expert Marion Nestle tells why measures to improve school lunches in public schools nationwide haven’t been implemented:

– The Real News Network: General Strike takes place in a Greek town (

– The Real News Network: recent Venezuelan elections are fair but there is a lack of independent media (

– Truthout: Revitalization of the Lakota, at long last:

– Informed Comment: Libyan National Congress has a vote of “no confidence” in the Prime Minister, ousting him (

– Wired Magazine: House Intelligence Committee says Chinese telcom companies should be viewed with suspicion

– Wired Magazine: Obama continues the war on sharing as Internet Services Providers plan to implement a policy that will shut off access to those downloading content online, seemingly major privacy issues here, and violation of the 4th Amendment: (

– The Guardian: Dissidents beat up in Belarus, which the Guardian calls “Europe’s Last Dictatorship”:

– Too Much: Federal regulators have actually been cracking down somewhat lately on financial industry fraud. But the power-suited executives responsible for that fraud are still paying no personal price:

– The Bureau of Investigative Journalism: The qyestion of bringing the most unreliable witnesses or “Supergrasses” back into UK lingers:

– Global Research Center: Does Chavez offer an alternative model to the one run by Wall Street? This is explored.

– OpenSecrets: Despite Mitt Romney’s remark in the debate he’ll defund PBS, those that work for them have given him zero dollars:

I hope you enjoy!
– Burkely

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