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3 May

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Based of a similar post on Beyond the Barricade, it is important to list the articles of Interesting Blogger (IB) to help readers and others.

Posts from most recent to least recent

Drones seep into the movie arena

Challenges to state development

Criticisms of my JFK series

A puff piece on drones: 60 minutes compromises its journalistic ‘integrity’

Expanding on the term ‘state in crisis’

Backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Govt.: the second occupy crackdown
(I published it earlier, but forgot. Oops)

Challenging my work: A hard but necessary task.

Is US military policy anti-LGBTQ+ ?

Maps of LGBTQ+ discrimination and support worldwide

Obama’s one percenter energy plan

What does the Communist Party USA want for the world?

A basic guide to where the US has intervened since 1798 [UPDATED]

A guide to the different anarchist blocs

Blood of empire: US military occupations

Fighting patriarchy: who are the real feminists?

Israel thinks it’s above the law

Who are the US allies anyway?

The Prysner ‏effect: how to be an asshole online

A green alternative: Gronowicz for NYC Mayor

The Obama Dirty Energy Doctrine [Part 2]

The Obama Dirty Energy Doctrine [Part 1]

Corporate phonies: the “progressive” policy institute

Background of the PowerShift Mic-check

The Hollende Deception

Land of the fearful, home of the banksters

A response to a critic

Some think Obama is a socialist but he’s not

Elizabeth Warren is a fraud

Should the U.S. Withdraw Troops from Iraq?

Obama is a liar, liar pants on fire!

Conquering the future: the dangers of PEMEX privatization

Where in the world are the vital resources?

Analyzing Global Voices

Quick analysis of the Wrong Kind of Green collective

A fucked up think thank [Bipartisan Policy Center]

Credico’s radical redirection for New York City

Obama ready to commit the supreme international crime UPDATED

Blood for oil AND gas? Iran has big oil & gas desposits

Is GetEqual pushing for more than marriage?

No blood for oil in Syria or anywhere! UPDATED

Across the Atlantic: An interview with Queer DJ Deejay Bootsy

My experience in a fenced reality

Debating a Tea Party and Occupy coalition

Detroit needs an anti-capitalist alternative

A revolution in diet? [about my vegetarianism]

Two shows challenge thoughts, instead of insulating them

The fear of the power elite: the radical American majority

Jack London’s timeless socialist message

Protest images made with

A new definition of anti-semitism

Travyon protester (three versions)

Equality for some is not equality at all: radical viewpoints on same-sex marriage, Prop 8 and DOMA

Words of Oligarchy and what it means to you

Obama’s “first major climate speech” says what we should have expected

Any excuse will serve a tyrant: Facebook’s authoritarian censorship

Anarchy in the political spectrum

Congressmembers who want #Snowden prosecuted and/or arrested

Ditching the liberal/conservative model: a new political spectrum

Defensegate: files reveal secret dealings of the military establishment

Ethiopia: An unlikely place for protest?

The war on internet: sites that have been downed

Distracting global resistance: conspiracy theories UPDATED

Does the Natural Gas lobby play both sides?

“Public” Broadcasting or Propaganda Radio?

Liberty Reserve: “the PayPal of Criminals” or monetary virtual resistance?

HermannView plans to merge with Interesting Blogger

#OpPetrol is misguided

We must transcend #capitalism NOW!

Can you trust human rights NGOS

A chart showing Obama’s corrupted cabinet and more!

Be wary of those fake socialists

Say bye bye to online database of congressmembers investments

A letter to the PSL

So if you don’t believe in climate change… [UPDATED]

Interesting Blogger best comments

Capitalism is above the law: the petroleum-induced genocide UPDATED

The self-management of Port Said and the workers’ struggles

America’s biggest union is corrupted

What about Mary Jo White?

The congressmembers who sometimes say good things list

An open letter to conspiracy theorists

The corporate-intertwined Obama Administration: UPDATED

The issue of black identity

Elizabeth Warren is not a savior

Can the President outlaw racial discrimination?

What do those certain words mean?

An update about the capitalist reformer Elizabeth Warren

American-backed brutal regimes in Central Asia: Hypocrisy at its finest

[I also published this earlier as well, accidently]

A specter is haunting the world—the spirit of revolutionary farmers

Understanding the Chemical-Industrial Complex

Occupy isn’t dead

[later I would write another article on CounterPunch with the same title and with this same point but has more complex analysis]

Obama wins, the long struggle

The Pirate Movement: defending file-sharing for all of us

Stopping the propaganda system in the United States

What state measures should you support?

What is socialism: An Analysis

It’s not a two-party system, stupid!

Commie Pilgrims?: Afraid not

Public flogging: No better than public imprisonment

Kevin Kamenetz: Caring about business, not people of Balt. County

Also accidentally I published it a few months earlier

Bloody Arabian Dictatorships: violence committed in America’s name

The President & “internet freedom”

Mainstream media: Which Side Are You On?

Do copyright laws benefit everyone equally?

Who was America’s first President: Resolving the debate

The real terrorist states: the unexpected countries

Is the American President a dictator?: UPDATED and EDITED
The next step: Occupy The Power Elite

America is not America: Its a police state

The REAL list of Obama’s accomplishments to date (with citations)

An impending hyperinflation crisis?: A history

The Conspiracy media: infilitation into the mainstream

The Occupy Movement’s tradition: a history of Wall Street Protests

Shades of Corporatism and Imperialism

The idea of multiparty registration

The truth about Elizabeth Warren

Slovakia: Social Democrats come to power

Mergers galore: Maryland’s govt. becomes plutocratic

Revising my theory: A war on internet renegades

Kucinich loses: Another ally of the people lost

A war with Iran is imminent

The Coffee Party: The embodiment of MLK

My reactions to Obama’s State of the Union


Reprinted posts

Resisting digital personalization

Livetweeting Dem gubernatorial debate and more

Private Group Sought to Arm Syrian Rebels [REPRINTED]

Welcome! [reblog]

Tumblr’s horrible new terms of service

A War Made in France: Central Africa at the Crossroads [originally published on CounterPunch]

Humanitarian Warfare: “Stabilizing” Central Africa for the Multinationals

Big Music vs. the 99 percent

Reader voices: Understanding Sikhism
[also published here accidently]

The Paradigmatic Liberal as Fiscal Conservative: How Franklin D. Roosevelt Botched Social Security

Interview about De Blasio on The Real News Network footnoted

PowerShift Agreement

Conspiracy behind Conspiracy Theories?

The Conspiracy Industry and the Lure of Fascism

The Anti-Democratic Nature Of Big Unions

South Africa’s Frustrating Decade of Freedom: From Racial to Class Apartheid

The Freedom Charter

Big Capitalists and Human Rights NGOS

Real life Gordon Gekko wins out in Baltimore

Liberty and Justice?: US support for Israeli apartheid [originally printed in Truthout]

Nuclear power is a failure in regulation and reliability

The manifesto of the #facebookfive

The Rhetoric of Race in America: Why “African-American” is a Patronizing, Even Racist Term

Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies

Time for Big Green to Go Fossil Free

The Caging of America: Why do we lock up so many people?

Incarceration Nation

Wheeler’s article about the F-35

GAO’s rebuttal to Wheeler’s report about the F-22

The corporate takeover of education City College of San Francisco in the bull’s-eye

Headache: Sectarian conflict in Burma is once again spurring talk of a “global war against Islam.”

Burma’s Misled Righteous: How Burma’s pro-democracy movement betrayed its own ideals and rehabilitated the military

Reblogged post from Beyond the Barricade

War in Mali: New sources of profits for private security companies

“Oz the Great and Powerful” Rekindles the Notion That Women Are Wicked

The Uprising that Slipped Past Your Radar

The Leeches are Back and are Urging the Wrong Prescription: The Grand Bargain Returns

Liberal Fascism in America

How Corporate Moderates Created the Social Security Act (…And Then Tried to Undermine It Later)

Our Highest Achievement: Hollywood’s Imperial Propaganda

The largest strike in world history is happening and you don’t know about it.

The Class-Domination Theory of Power

A historic march: my story

GOP Sen. McConnell high on hemp bill

Perpetual War

The Alternatives for Sandy: Banker’s Socialism, the Private Market, Equity, Planning

Rogue Lobbyist? Gov. Ed Rendell Intervenes For Oil Company in EPA Contamination Case

Where the Drones Are: Mapping the launch pads for Obama’s secret wars

Waves of the Anti-Greed Movement in the United States

No Austerity Has Helped Any Economy

Launching the #StopBS Campaign

Henry Wallace, America’s Forgotten Visionary

Otto Wels speech against the Enabling Act

A letter I wish Progressive Groups would send to their members

Henry Ford and GM connected to the Nazis

Why are Africans Helping France in Their “Wildcat” War?

We information renegades must say: Internet use is a human right!

A Hollandesque Imperial War of Aggression is Afoot

2012 Culture and Resistance with Alice Walker, Randy Weston, Walter Mosley, Gore Vidal and More

Echelon Redux

The Wait-Just-A-Goddam-Second Amendment

Open declaration of war? US recognizes Syrian opposition body

Australian surveillance ‘out of control’: 20% increase in 1 year

Socialism is gaining popuality and that isn’t a bad thing

Greeks Turn To The Forrest For Firewood As Winter Nears

A corporatist’s dream: the Trans-Pacific Partnership will create a corporate-lead world government

Kucinch’s prayer for America

Stewart Alexander’s concession letter

John Paul Stevens dissent in 2010 Monsanto Case

Imperialists at it again…in Mali

Vote with your heart: cast a ballot for socialism

Torrent-Finder is a victim of internet censorship

About The Pirate Bay

“I don’t want to be drafted. What should I do?”

Why I can’t support Obama

US Response to the Riots in the Muslim World Don’t Set the Wrong Example

WTF: Senate passes “preemptive war” resolution

The Old Way of Thinking

President Obama finally talks about drone strikes

Truth is, we’re terrorized because we’re hated

Blood on the Wire: The American-backed Honduran Dictatorship

What Socialism is

It’s a Monsanto Government

The “founders” created a constitutional government for the 1%


Posts that aren’t that important

Cleaning out my phone’s photo album

What is a Gatsby?

Wisconsin images

The Affordable Corporatist Act, Drones and more

Zero Dark Thirty Notes

Protests and more news

Today’s top stories, straight off the press!

Daily headlines is back!

GMOs, no-flush toilets, pot, whistleblowers, Wolfs, NDAA, 99%, Japan, occupy, and more!

Bain Capital, Chevron, Telcoms unaccountable, Wal-Mart strike ends, anti-fascist protesters harranged and Ireland nationalizes their banks

Chavez, State Dept. & imperial media, Unions, wind power, pot, strikes, protests, wikipedia and “food riots”

Columbus and Indian Genocide, and more!

Daily Headlines Project Day 1

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